SB Tippers have always been an environmentally conscious company and continually challenged environmental issues. Due to the nature of our business we realised that more could be done to re-use the vast quantities of inert waste materials such as concrete, stone, tarmac and hardcore. This would have a positive effect on the amount of material being taken to land fill sites.

In 1994 we undertook feasibility studies and extensive market research, including ways to re-educate contractors into separating clay and concrete materials. Our studies showed us that 65% of all inert materials could be recycled.

In conjunction with the local environment agency we proceeded to design and construct The Great Harwood Reclamation Centre, the first purpose built, fully licensed waste transfer station in Lancashire.

The Great Harwood Reclamation Centre was awareded the BEA for waste minimisation during our first year of operation and now employ 3 fully qualified WAMITAB site managers available 24hrs a day.


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